PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)

How Acupuncture Helps

Chinese believe in something called qi or chi, which is the distribution of energy in the body. During PMS, ancient Chinese medicine believes that your chi is out of balance. With PMS acupuncture, small, thin needles are inserted at primary acupuncture points on the body by a trained acupuncturist. The needles help open any blockages of chi so that your natural energy properly flows once again.
Based on Chinese medicine, PMS symptoms are the result of obstructed energy. This blocked energy manifests itself through PMS symptoms such as headaches, breast tenderness, bloating, depression, food cravings and more. PMS acupuncture works to beat these symptoms which can accumulate a lot of negative energy. The thin needles are different acupuncture points work essentially as a pressure release to let go of this negative energy.
Each acupuncture pressure point targets a particular area of your body. If PMS affects your entire body, you may end up with the acupuncture needles all over your body. If your PMS symptoms are primarily of an emotional nature such as anxiety or depression, the collection of acupuncture needles will appear in certain strategic parts of the body. The same principle applies to physical manifestations of PMS. By improving the circulation of chi within the body, PMS acupuncture helps more than just PMS. It can create an overall feeling of well being.

Why Choose Acupuncture

PMS acupuncture is not a recent trend but an actual Chinese medical practice that can trace its origins back thousands of years. Ancient Chinese women and even the Chinese women of today do not suffer needlessly from PMS and neither do you have to. The Chinese believe in alternative forms of medicine such as herbs, massage and acupuncture. PMS acupuncture relieves cramping, bloating, depression and even lightens the bleeding during menstruation.
Using acupuncture to regular menstrual cycles is commonplace in Asian cultures. These cultures view menstruation as a normal part of life and in fact, a reflection of a woman’s total health. When the body feels unbalanced, you will feel the dreaded PMS symptoms. If you try PMS acupuncture for just a few sessions, you will notice a discernable difference. Restoring your chi is quite a noticeable phenomenon. You do have to do it regularly in order to maintain the restorative effects of PMS acupuncture though.