Nishi Health Therapy

Cancer-preventing Nishi system

In my practice with cancer patients, an essential element of treatment was always Nishi therapeutic system. It's not as impressive as complex radiation equipment and other sophisticated hardware supporting surgical teams in modern operating rooms, but it brings good results nevertheless. I'm going to present a few examples of successful use of Nishi system (records of professor Watanabe), to let you see for yourself.

• K. Majra, 76 years, was diagnosed with lung cancer in August 1958. He didn't consent to a surgery. Another test in a Tokyo hospital confirmed the diagnosis. He was treated in hospital for two months, which caused general weakening, gradual loss of appetite, and severe difficulties with breathing. An X-ray picture done in the second month of his hospital stay showed the same dark spot on the lungs and an enlarged one in the heart area. This last one was a side effect of pharmaceuticals that interfered with blood and lymph circulation. Breathing became almost impossible. There seemed to be no options, even a surgery would give no chances. He was checked out of hospital in December. Some relative suggested trying Nishi system. He used the following routines every day:

1. Aerobic therapy

2. Alternating hot and cold showers
3. Drinking beverage prepared from dactyl palm leaves, very rich in vitamin C (2qt /2L a day)
4. Performing a set of exercises designed by Dr. Nishi

• Natural Healing Special Therapy

  1. Toe Clash (poor circulation, poor eyesight, poor sleep)
  2. Ankle Alternation Soaking (uremiaperitonitiscystitisendometritis & enteritis)
  3. Sitz Bath (menstrual irregularities, insomnia, cold hands & feet, uterine cancer & uterine myoma)
  4. Soaking of Legs (high fever, no sweat, insomnia, cold feet & hands, poor circulation of limbs)
  5. Mustard Therapy (pneumonia, cough, pleurisy, pulmonary tuberculosis, tuberculosis, cold, neuralgia, otitis media, appendicitis, hysteria, chronic fatigue, sore throat)
  6. Cooling of Occiput (headache, nasal congestion, runny nose, and various oral diseases)
  7. Liebenstein Therapy (incontinence, safe childbirth)
  8. Enema Therapy (constipation, detoxification, high fever, stroke, sunstroke)

After a month, his appetite increased, his physical strength returned, breathing became easier, and his mood improved. The dark spot on his lungs, as big as a chicken egg, started shrinking. A year later (November 1959) the patient was completely healthy. He decided to use cancer- preventing Nishi system till the end of his life.

• T. Jumiki, 69 years old, after a thorough examination in hospital was found to have stomach cancer. A surgery was recommended, and he refused consent. He decided to go through Nishi system therapy.

A month of therapy decreased nausea and took care of the feeling of discomfort in the stomach. A year later in a letter, he reported that he felt well. He was thankful for the therapy that cured his stomach cancer without surgery.

• Iszizuko, 61 years old, in the summer 1958 started experiencing pain in his abdomen while having his meals. His stools were dark because of blood mixed with the feces. Doctors in an Osaka hospital diagnosed colon cancer. He refused a surgery and checked into another hospital where he learned Nishi system therapy, which eventually led him to full recovery.

• Masapugu, 68 years old, lost his ability to speak and was diagnosed with throat cancer by doctors in Osaka. Isotope radiation therapy didn't bring any improvement. He checked into a hospital for Nishi system therapy in November 1958. He had unhealthy habits - smoking up to forty cigarettes a day and eating a lot of sweets. These habits caused even more irritation in the affected area of his throat. Two months of therapy brought significant improvement and his voice became normal. He was able to check out of the hospital and continue the therapy on his own. In 1962, he sent a letter thanking the hospital for help in his full return to health.

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Six Laws & Exercise

  • Flat Bed & Solid Piloow: When you sleep, Use the hardest possible flat bed and hard semicylindrical pillow.

  • Goldfish Exercise: Lie flat on yur back. lace your fingers behind your neck, arch your body upward, sway your hips side to side like fish swimming about 1min.

  •  Palms and Soles Joining Exercise: Lie flat on your back and place your palms and soles together. Then slide your hands up above your head and slide your feet down away from your head. Draw your hands and feet back to the original position. Repeat it about 10 times. When finished, rest with your hands and feet drawn in about 2min.

  • Capillarity Exercise: Lie on your back and raise your arms and legs straight up. Then vibrate both wrists and ankles for about 1min. Have a rest for a while in a relaxed position. Repeat it several times. 

  • Dorso Ventral Exercise: Sit upright, either in a chair or in the Japanese Kneeling posture. Sway your upper body side to side centering on your hips about 10 min. When you are leaning to either side, stick your low abdomen out. When you are upright position, suck in your abdomen and pause.