Testimonials for Acupuncture Treatment
 By Eugene Bang (R.Ac.)

I initially scheduled acupuncture as I had just had a C-section and had very intense headaches daily. Eugene treated not only the headaches but my whole body balance. After only a few sessions I felt an amazing improvement not only in regard to the headaches but also low back and shoulder pain, liver function, breastfeeding, breast inflammation and overall balance and energy.

He made a full analysis and told me he would fix the balance of my whole body rather than focusing only on my headaches. He asked me how I felt and if there were any new issues at the beginning of every session. Through a few sessions of acupuncture he resolved all of my issues and got me feeling 100% again after my major surgery. He also gave me a lot of good tips on what I could do at home to improve my condition.
Simply put, it works! I am amazed at how much better I feel after only a few sessions of acupuncture. Eugene is extremely knowledgeable, polite and professional. He explains what is going on and truly helps you get better. - Camila

I saw Eugene near the end of a 10 week episode of a rare neurological condition, MDDS (Mal de Debarquement Syndrome).  The main symptoms are a constant feeling of bobbing (like being on a boat) and brain fog.  Eugene treated my entire body including neck pain and jaw pain (from clenching).  After each session I felt better and by the third treatment I was no longer experiencing symptoms.  I also found the treatments greatly reduced my feelings of stress. - Melissa

Eugene, a registered acupuncturist, can pinpoint the areas of my body that is causing the pain. I had tried other treatments for my sciatica and hip joint pain, but they did not have a lasting result, which Acupuncture does.

He read the scan report of my back, let me know how to do exercises at home, how to eat certain foods and soak my feet. He pinpointed the different areas that required treatment.

Eugene is a very wise, caring, and gentle person. Very compassionate and knowledgeable in his treatments.- Lorraine

My first experience with acupuncture was when I came to see Eugene with a pinched nerve in my lower back that was preventing me from sitting. On the sixth treatment he told me I would have no more pain next week. After two more treatments, unbelievably he was right. As well, my plantar fasciitis and pain in the toes are much improved. Red flushed cheeks by burning in the sun that was supposed to get surgery have also come back to being normal. Thanks Eugene for making me feel better. - Maureen

Acupuncturist, Eugene , treated me for a disc problem in my SI joint & lower back. I have had this problem for many years and it affects my sciatic nerve, hip & lower back with acute pain. Eugene treated me twice a week for the 1st 2 weeks then once a week for the next 4 weeks.  From the 1st appointment, I notice immediate, significant improvement. I was quite surprised, actually. By the time I had completed my sessions, I was virtually pain free. This is the 1st time I had felt so much relief since my injury. It's has been almost 2 months since my last session & I still feel good. I would definitely recommend Eugene as an acupuncture therapist & I will continue to access his treatment as needed. - Chris

I first came to see Eugene for acupuncture treatments. I had been having neck and back pain for over two years which caused severe headaches.  I also had a great deal of difficulty walking on my left foot.

After only a few treatments, I was able to walk on my foot – the pain had subsided greatly.  A few more treatments and my foot was feeling even better (thank you Eugene !!).  My neck/and shoulder pain has lessened greatly.  I no longer have pounding headaches every day.

I would highly recommend Eugene as an acupuncture therapist – he is very knowledgeable and I am amazed at how well the treatments have worked.  He has also given me “at home” treatments to do, which I find have been very helpful for me.  -  Joan

My therapist is Eugene . He has helped me along my journey of recovery by use of acupuncture. Eugene was very professional and sensitive to my concerns. He assessed and pinpointed the areas that cause the most pain from my car accident. In addition to that, he took into consideration the impact of those specific injuries to the rest of my body and treated them likewise.

My therapist showed he really cared about my recovery and treated every concern I had, big or small, very seriously and were able to address those concerns accordingly on each visit. More so, he gave me hope and motivation to stay positive in reaching a better physical state.  -  Sarah

Eighteen months ago I received a blow to the top of my head that resulted in a severe concussion. I decided to seek treatment from Eugene . I have now received 8 treatments from him and I am only mildly sensitive to light, sound and movement. All of which has resulted in significantly decreasing balance issues, nerve pain, sleep disturbances, constipationmuscle fatigue and exhaustion. In fact, I tried biking last weekend for the first time since the injury - yea! In addition, when I go for my weekly weight training with my kinesiologist, I can do the majority of my exercises with minimal interference from my concussion related symptoms. This has been a life changing experience for me that I am enjoying very much. Thank you Eugene ! You are totally awesome! So, if you are looking for an acupuncturist, he is the man to see. You won't be disappointed! - Sheila

After 10 acupuncture sessions with Eugene and with my medical doctor’s consent, I was able to discontinue my blood pressure medication. With ongoing dietary monitoring and acupuncture, Eugene was able to bring my blood pressure down and I was also able to lose the excess water weight.

Having spent all day Sunday suffering from food poisoning, I had an acupuncture appointment with Eugene . After 1 treatment of acupuncture for food poisoning, the nausea subsided, I was hungry and no longer  felt shaky or week. Eugene also suggested dietary changes for 3 days to allow my body to heal and recover. I have found acupuncture to be a great benefit in my life and am grateful for Eugene and his knowledge and skill.  -  Cristine

Eugene helped to ease my issues with chronic hives. He listened to all of my concerns and asked detailed questions about my condition. Eugene is patient and understanding. I truly feel that he has my best interests in mind and is willing to help me achieve my health goals.  -  Ashley